Universal Form Object
Frequently Asked Questions

UFO Enhancements
  • 6/15/2009 This implementation includes the below features.
    1. A new option is made available to the users to choose if they want to store the form data to the Database, the option is shown as 'Save form submission data to UFO database'. If this option is selected only then the data can exported at a later point of time from the UFO system otherwise can not be exported.
    2. A new feature that is the users can attach any file that can be sent to the form owner by email only. Remember the system does not store the file for any future purposes. The file can be sent only by email and can not be retrieved at a later point of time. The size of the file can be maximum of 2 MB at this time.
    3. The Email feature can be used in addition to the 'Save form submission data to UFO database' option.
    4. At least one of the above two options should be selected. And, both the Email and Save to DB options can be selected if needed.
  • UFO Fixes This deployment includes the below fixes as well.
    1. While exporting the all the deleted fileds were getting exported, now this is fixed and it will not export any deleted fields.
  • 2/27/2003
    1. This latest implementation contains code that will be utilized in FY2004 for billing. The actual charges for UFO's DB2 processing will be included in the Division's DB2 charges.
    2. The My UFO's section now lists your UFO's with the form id displayed. This change was made to make it easier to manage your forms and it's easier for you to identify the forms to us in the event you may need assistance.
  • 8/26/2002
    1. The application now uses both Siteminder and the Integrated login for security authentication. The < FORM METHOD="POST... tag you copy and paste in your HTML source should match the security login that protects your form's URL.
    2. UFO can now be configured to work with the character set encoding used to create your form and responses. The default character set is ISO-8859-1. If you are using that character set, no changes need to be made when creating the form. If you are using UTF-8 encoding, you will need to select that option on the UFO Setup page then copy and paste the HTML < META tag presented on the HTML Form Tag page into the HTML source for your form. You will also want to copy and paste the < META tag on the Submission Outcome page into the Thank You HTML. This change was made in response to a request by the ebusiness group. This change addresses a problem caused by the implementation of Teamsite.
  • 2/1/2001
    1. The application is now running in a WebSphere environment with the IAF Framework.
    2. When using the <FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="https://ufo.deere.com/servlet/UFOAdmin?new"> to create a new Form Object in UFO, you need to use the following new tag:
         <FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="https://ufo.deere.com/servlet/UFOAdmin?new=1">
      We added the "=1" to overcome issues that occurred in the WebSphere environment.
    3. Users can now use the value of a field in their form for an e-mail address in the TO, CC, or FROM section of the message. This can be accomplished by inserting a "&&name_of_your_field&&" in the "Email TO addresses:", "Email CC addresses:", or "Email FROM addresses:" section of UFOAdmin.
      Note: UFO users should be cautious when using this feature because false information can be entered into an e-mail field and misrepresent the person who is submitting the form.
    4. A UFO Watermark has been added to the first line of your e-mail that reads ***** This email message was generated by UFO form number: ___ *****. This change has been made to alert the receipient(s) of the e-mail that the message was generated based on input into an HTML form.
    5. UFO attempts to re-send failed e-mail messages. Messages that continue to fail will be logged.
  • 11/15/2000
    1. The value of an empty form field was changed from "*** THE USER DID NOT SPECIFY A VALUE ***" to "UNANSWERED".
    2. Changed the labels of the following fields in the "Modify UFO Setup" section:
      • "Billing User ID" to "Owner User ID"
      • "Billing Unit Code" to "Owner Unit Code"
      • "Billing Department" to "Owner Department"
  • 10/11/00
    1. "Billing User ID", "Billing Unit Code", and "Billing Department" added to the "Modify UFO Setup" section of UFOAdmin.
    2. Added "Start Date" and "End Date" fields on the UFOAdmin home page for exporting and deleting form data using a date range.
    3. Changed the option in UFOAdmin for exporting form data. It now prompts the user to "Save the file to disk" and downloads the file to the user's hard drive.
    4. Fixed a problem that occurred when using multiple e-mail addresses in the "TO" or "CC" section of the email. Previously, the e-mail message would be delivered to the correct recipients, but the first e-mail address would be displayed multiple times. The e-mail addresses now display correctly.
    UFO Q & A
    1. Q: What are the new fields in UFOAdmin? What are they for?
      A: There are 3 new fields in the UFOAdmin application. The fields are "Owner User ID", "Owner Unit Code", and "Owner Department". These fields are used to keep track of the form owner. They should be populated with a RACF ID, a 2-digit Unit Code, and a 3-digit department number.

    2. Q: I am trying to modify my UFO, but I get an error message: "Given userID, department number, and unit code do not match data in LDAP". What is LDAP? Why doesn't my information match the data in LDAP?
      A: LDAP stands for "Lightweight Directory Access Protocol", and it is like a phone book. The fields "Owner User ID", "Owner Unit Code", and "Owner Department" validate the information with LDAP. If your information does not match LDAP, you will not be able to modify your UFO. If you are having problems, you can view your LDAP information here.

    3. Q: I didn't receive an e-mail message for a form submittal, but the data is in the database. Why didn't I receive an email?
      A: Successfully sending an e-mail message is dependant on multiple things. Failures in the e-mail server of the sender, receiver, or anywhere between them can prevent an e-mail from reaching its destination. Also, we occasionally experience problems with the Deere e-mail server. UFO logs failures that occur at the Deere e-mail server. You can view the log to see if your message has failed. See the failedEmail.txt file.

    4. Q: I have configured my UFO to have multiple e-mail addresses in the FROM section of the message. Why does only 1 address show up?
      A: The number of FROM addresses in an e-mail address can be greater than 1. The number of FROM addresses that appear in the message depends on what e-mail application is used to receive the message. For example, Microsoft Outlook limits the number of FROM addresses that appear in the message to 1 address.

    5. Q: I am having problems exporting my data from UFOAdmin. How do I save the file?
      A: By default, the name of the file that appears in the "save" dialog box is "UFOAdmin". The file name needs to have an extension of .csv, so you should rename it to "UFOAdmin.csv" or something similar.

    6. Q: How can I export my form data without using UFOAdmin?
      A: The form data can be accessed directly through DB2. We have provided a view to display the information called UFO_VIEW. You can use this view by executing a DB2 query similar to this one: "SELECT * FROM ADVFRMP.UFO_VIEW WHERE FORM_ID = your_form_number". NOTE: You must be considered an owner of the form to access the data using this method.

    7. Q: When my form is submitted, I get the following message. What is wrong?

      Unknown Exception Encountered

      Local Message :
      Exception Message :

      A: This often indicates that the UFO form you are posting to is not defined or has been deleted. Please go through the "Modify UFO Setup" option again and make sure that the <FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="..."> tag in your form is correct.

    8. Q: Why does my "E-mail message body" begin immediately after the UFO Watermark when my e-mail is "submitted in HTML format"?
      A: UFO has a character at the end of the UFO Watermark that moves the beginning of your message body to the next line. HTML formatting does not recognize this character. As a UFO user, you can begin your message body with the HTML tag "<BR>" to accomplish this.

    9. Q: How do I convert my CGI mail form to use UFO?
      A: The instructions in the user's guide will help you learn how to use UFO. There is some conversion advice in the Converting from CGI mail to UFO section.

    10. Q: How do I remove myself as an administrator?
      A: You must have another administrator remove your name so it is a good idea to have more than one administrator for a form. This is done so that there is always an administrator for the form. It is generally a good practice to make only John Deere employees form administrators.

    11. Q: How do I set up my form to use UTF-8 encoding?
      A: Follow these three steps: select UTF-8 character encoding on the UFO Setup page, copy the < META... > tag from the HTML Form Tag page into the HTML source of your form, copy the < META... > tag from the UFO Submission Outcome page into the Thank You HTML on that page.